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ANC Module Delete

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I deactivated the active cylinder management (ACM). Because it's stupid and saves a thimble of gas per tank, at a cost of a wandering cruise control and other problems.

Reportedly, the active noise cancelling (ANC) system exists largely to counter low-frequency sounds that result from ACM engagement. It works through the subwoofer and only reacts to very low frequencies.

Rumor is that it also is the source of the "sporty exhaust note" that the PP has over the Pilot. That all the car reviewers raved about.

So, I unplugged that thing from behind the glove box. I can confirm unequivocally that the ANC is definitely the source of the sporty exhaust note.

The car is much quieter now and less annoying when accelerating. I know some people like that noise...but I like a quiet car.

Ironically, removing the ANC has made the car quieter. Takes 10 minutes and you can do it with a plastic spoon.
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I got the II version. Easy install. Works as claimed.
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