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Amazon and high beam LEDs...don't trust what they say fits or doesn't fit a 2022 lol

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I ordered some LEDs that Amazon said would fit a 2022 Passport and they didn't fit. 9005/HB3 but something hard to describe about the shape of them, past the o-ring, just would let me get them in right. Those are AUTOONE 9005 LED HEadlight Bulbs 6000K White 14000LM.

Then I ordered some that someone posted here. Amazon said they do not fit. They do, lol. They are ZonCar 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs, 15000LM 6500K Xenon White Combo Kit Plug and Play, Halogen Replacement.

haven't had a chance to test 'em out in total darkness yet but they sure look brighter. Shrug.
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