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All weather floor mats

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So I see Honda has one specifically for the Passport, then there is the Weather Tech one, and some I see on Amazon which are cheaper but who knows if they will fit. Suggestions?
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I got the OEM all season weather mats and they are great for my weather in SoCal.
If you live in really rainy or snowy conditions the WeatherTech is a better option.

And I clean mine with simple green and a scrub brush when I go to the self serve car wash or the garden hose at home.
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I just ordered the WeatherTech Floor Mat Cleaner, I'll post here, how it works...!
simple green works great to clean the mats and probably much less $$!
I'm more concerned with keeping that deep black look, I cleaned mine with LOC, and then applied the Aerospace 303,- it looks awesome, but I'm sliding all over the place...! lol
Did you clean the tread side of your new tires with armor-all too? 🤣🤣
mine clean up great with simple green and they smell good!


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I never thought of Armor-All as a cleaner, it's a protectant. My tires were already cleaned and shiny from the purchase, so I simply used Tire-Wet. I guess I'm old-school, I always use comet to clean the sides of tires and then apply my Tire-Wet. I have not owned Armor-All for over a dozen years.

I have a gallon of the Aerospace 303 stuff, if you've never tried it, have a look at the link below. On Amazon 94% of 3.600 reviews gave it 4/5 stars!
I was joking about armor all on the tires!
That stuff is terrible. It has alcohol in it that dries everything out.
I don't know; maybe if I grease up my wheels with Armor All, they'll slide right off the curbs. ;)
Now that’s a better attitude!!
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