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Aftermarket Cross Bars

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Performed a search on CBs and found mostly everyone getting the OEM one. I did find one that had a "low profile" CB but I can no longer find that product on eBay.

I'm in a position of saving as many pennies as possible so I'm considering an amazon one:

There is, unfortunately, only 37 reviews but most seem positive. The same brand has more reviews on subaru CBs that still show mostly good experiences.

I'm needing to purchase a 12+ft ladder and may not fit in the cabin. Kinda wish we had the 4-runner lowering rear window...

May purchase a basket or medium enclosed storage in the future - but will likely be limited to "light" use.

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Both are fine as long as it will handle what you're loading and you get the look you want. I'm a stock kinda' guy so I went with stock but they are more expensive.
I'm usually an OEM (or brand-name) kinda guy as well, but finances got screwed this year... I hate being cheap.
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I have a cheap low profile cross bar, which they don't sell anymore because it's a knock off of the Yakima bar and they threatened lawsuits.
It all depends on what you want to carry, this one works great for a ski rack but I wouldn't use it with anything heavy or that would produce a high wind load (i.e. bikes, cargo boxes, etc).
I wouldn't take the chance on saving a couple bucks over losing your load on the freeway, buy OEM, Yakima, Thule.

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OEM is discounted here Bernardi Parts for about $90 more, but honestly the Amazon ones you posted are probably fine and worth the go. My guess is 100% OEM knock off, maybe even from the same factory in China. 😆
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