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A1 showing with remaining oil life

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I was just poking around in the menu and found the remaining oil life under the maintenance menu - it shows there is 40% remaining. But there's also an A1 showing, which I Googled, and that seems to say I need to change the oil NOW and get a tire rotation. Am I reading that correctly?
Car's got just over 6,000 miles on it now.
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A1 just showing you what’s coming up. It’s not changing it now. You only change it when it’s below 10%.
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Thanks! This is a whole new deal for me. I usually just changed oil and rotated tires every 5k - never knowing what the 'remaining life' was...
It depends on the oil you use. If you use conventional oil, 5000 is as far as I would go. Synthetic blend 7500 and full synthetic 10000 easily. Now just you know the reminder is based on Honda OEM oil which is full synthetic so if you are going to follow the reminder you need to use full synthetic oil as well. The reminder doesn’t know what kind of oil you put in the engine.
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