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A Review so bad it is Comical...

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What at you own risk, Not sufficient for intelligent people (you have been warned)..

Also, I can't recall ever seeing a YouTube video with 4x MORE "thumbs down" than "thumbs up"..

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I will not finished watching this dump what he has to say. He obviously not knowing all the difference between passport & pilot. I myself like the 5 seater big car over the 7 seater big car.
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Proves that anyone can make a YouTube video and get it out there. No real information in this review.
What a jackass. Booo this man. So much bad info.
Classic whatever it takes to rile up controversy, overtly fakey emotional, trolling, click bait, I can't think of better original ways to create content to get views and grow my channel, wannabe Youtube star type of material. In short, don't feed the troll IMO.
I laughed my ass off when I heard this person say “Come on Honda, get your shit together!” It’s kind of like hearing a paramilitary conspiracy theorist telling the US Marines to get their shit together.
"The walking dead Honda Passport review" ... the person that review this... A**-clown comes mind...
Kids, don't tuck your ears into your lame ass hat or you will one day grow up to be this no limit tool.
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Sure glad I read all the reviews about this video. Definitely don’t want to watch it now . Already seen to much of nonsense in life over the years . Lol
At 45 seconds in, Steve Harvey tells him he is stupid and he agrees. At least that's they way I saw it ?
You guys should do what I did, leave your negative comments under his video so he'll be sure to see them.
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