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More light is always better but I bet it’s sucks for people in oncoming traffic.

Everything says off road use only but a very small percentage of people follow that rules when they want something like this added.

I would like to see it on as well :)
I immediately thought the exact same thing when I read the thread title because I was just talking about this exact same thing yesterday. It must be a trend with people who have jeeps and other similar vehicles for them to buy a very bright light bar only to run it when it is not necessary whatsoever and be a major distraction, if not a safety hazard, to other people in traffic.

I'm not lobbing any accusatory suggestions at the OP or anyone else, please just use common sense when using an accessory such as this. If you're doing it just to show off or because you "need to get your money out of it" you are probably going to be doing more harm than good to others unknowingly.
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