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New to the forum, I’ve searched and searched. I can’t find anyone whose gone this route with no rub. On the Pilot forums I’ve found people who have ran this combo successfully though, which makes me believe it will fit.

I’m really trying to keep this vehicle as stock as possible with no lift, cutting etc to max it out. I’ve been there, done that on 1/2 ton Chevy pick ups. I’m enjoying my pavement commute and Honda reliability of the PP.

The tire I’ll be going with is a Toyo Open Country A/T III, it’s offered in 265/50R20 or 255/55R20. I’m leaning the later as it’s a tad taller.

In before someone says get 18s, I prefer the way the 20s look, and I won’t be in rocky terrain. Only sand/snow, which the taller vs wider tire can be argued all day.

My main goal is to get to camping/swimming spots for the dogs off sandy two track/seasonal roads. I’m sure at the end of the day it’s probably splitting hairs and I should flip a coin.

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Just replaced the ridiculously delicate Conti Crosstracks (might be ok if you only ever drive on pavement...but even then, the performance specs suck) - if anyone looks them up on Tire Rack - they are borderline average, at best. Did the research on Tire Rack - wanted an A/T because we drive ALOT on gravel roads, forest roads, etc. (at 10,750 miles, originals had one plugged, another patched due to rock punctures). Highest rated AT at Tire Rack for something that reasonably fits was the COOPER DISCOVERER AT3 4S XL Tops in all categories for A/T tires - snow, rain, dry, etc - was very hesitant to go with too big - concerns others have had with issues of rubbing, etc - as well as speedometer accuracy. Went with the 255/50R-20 size. Dia. is 30.1" on 8.5 factory rim (vs. 29.8 original), width is less than a 1/2" narrower (still designed to fit 8.5" rim), very good wear ratings for an A/T, and speedo error is just 0.1 mph at 65. 12/32" tread depth (vs. 10/32" stock). Its also an XL rated tire .And looks really good, in my opinion. Probably could've gone with 265 - but not willing to chance rub, or add'l speedo error. Pictures to follow once taken in daylight.
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