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I own a 21 platinum white pearl Passport... for now. Figured I would make an account and post some pictures of what I've done, and had to do over the past two years.

OEM accessories are:

Wheel locks
All season floor mats
Hood Deflector
Cross bars
Rear bumper garnish
Door sill protectors
Die cast running boards
Black emblems, AWD badge delete
22 PP HPD mud flaps
22 Ridgeline HPD 18" wheels with 265/60/18 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 6 ply tires

Aftermarket accessories / replacement parts are:

Center console divider
Bora 3/4" wheel spacers
Brembo OEM replacement pads
AC Delco gold brake rotors in the front, Raybestos high carbon in the rear (already severely rusted and grooved, likely replacing in the spring)
DOT5.1 brake fluid flush

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Ridgeline accessory wheels that the customer canceled a week before they arrived. So I bought them and slapped some big tires on. Didn't even clean off the tire shine before leaving work. They do rub reversing. They are my winter set currently.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Brake rotors warped at 12k miles, replaced with AC Delco gold rotors and brembo OEM pads. Incredible difference in stopping distance. Quite a bit of brake dust though. Also swapped the stock contis on the 20s with Pirelli Scorpio Verdes. This was before getting the winter set, otherwise I would've opted for a summer tire.

Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle registration plate

Wheel spacers along with 22 HPD mud flaps, black emblems, AWD badge delete, rear bumper garnish.

For the bad things, or things I have replaced/fixed:

Roof rail garnish was misaligned from factory, causing wind noise
Multiple interior panels not secured properly from factory
Both drivers doors are rusting in the door seal area on top (have not fixed, not sure if I will before I get rid of it)
Either a tire defect or just junk stock conti tires, severe vibration at 65mph I couldn't balance out
MOST bus repair
Unapproved fix of the clunk while reversing and turning
Blower motor whistle at certain speeds and settings
Aforementioned rotors warping at 12k miles
Engine short block replacement at 14k
Multiple interior rattles that I just drown out with music

Dunno how long I plan on keeping it due to the issues I have, but I really enjoy the thing regardless. Plus I have a crazy low interest rate on it. Would like to get a next gen Passport if it exists, and the new 3.5 is reliable in the 23 Pilots. Honda switching to hydraulic lifters has me cautious. Also been looking at FL5s.

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The wheels and tires look great, I have a white 2021 Elite as well and I'm strongly considering getting those same 18-in wheels only in bronze and putting some meaty tires on them like you have. Country roads, take me home!
I'd either start looking for em or put in an order now. Accessories are still kinda iffy on stock especially the HPD wheels in bronze. Mine were on back order for 9 months. Customer finally gave up a week before they arrived and bought aftermarket ones.

I probably wouldn't go so aggressive on the tire if I did it again. My left fender liner is torn up pretty good. Plus the only winter weather we've had since I got them is an ice storm that I didn't even bother driving in.
If I got HPD wheels I would swap with Honda center caps too, but nice looking ride, it's apparent you take good care of it.
Can I ask why you had to replace the short engine block?
Its weird, I thought they came with the HPD center caps. I opened the box and was suprised (and happy) they were regular Honda ones.

I had a cold start knock, low (to me, within spec for Honda) oil pressure cold start. Cylinder walls were quite scuffed so I wonder if it was piston slap. I couldn't tear it down aside from R&R and inspecting the cylinder heads

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