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With 2WD, open freeway and a lightfoot on the gas, 40.3 mpg is easily achievable.
Not buying it. Although my 200 mile round trip was in my sport trim with awd i did the first leg of the trip with the eco and stayed between 60-65 mph and was super easy on the pedal to see what i could get. Mostly flat land and only got 26mpg. The second leg of the trip(back home) was without the eco and driving the same speeds only got 28 mpg.
So are you saying the 2wd would get a lot better mpg then the awd? What would be the details of someone easily getting 40 mpg in a passport? Staying under 45 mph (who does this?) on super flat land?
So far i have only seen two people out of hundreds on this forum claiming 40 + mpg in a passport.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts