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2022 Passport oil usage????

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Car has just 5000 miles. I just checked my oil level for my 2022 Passport and it way past low. I checked it a couple of thousand miles ago and it was fine.
Has anybody seen this before?
My 190k F1250 goes that far between oil changes and same with my 2005 Nissan Altima without adding oil.

This is the last thing I would have expected.

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Oh wow that doesn't seem right. Mine doesn't use any oil at 8500 miles when I changed the oil and still doesn't every 8500 miles.
Can you see any visible leaking?
Just check it more often, until you become familiar with this car.
II check mine before its first start, in the morning (when I check it).
Yes, I always recommend checking when engine is cold sold all fluids are in the crank case.
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I called the dealership and she sounded concerned. They made me an appointment for Monday. I told her all I had was 10-w30 to top off with and she asked if there was any oil on the stick and I said yes, but below the hash marks. She told me not to worry about adding oil as they want to see how much it's actually low and there's more than enough to get me to the dealership.
No oil anywhere around the engine bay.
I too like to check it cold, but with this 0-20w it's not going to take long to get to the pan.

Thanks all
Do you do a lot of idling? I can see idling dumping fuel into the oil making it easier to evaporate.
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