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2021 Elite owner, and boy do I hate that name, "Elite"

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This is my 3rd trip into Honda's cars, I've only had 5 cars in my life, old, older, new and new.
My first were both Accords, about a decade part. Now the Elite.
Just what I expect from Honda, boredom, mixed with reliability.
I like the electronics and the driver assist features, still getting used to those. My last truck was a Chevy Trailblazer from 2004, it had none of this.

I have less than 1k miles on this one. So far Honda Electronics have failed me.
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How about Supremo?.............. El Supremo...!

The greatest part of owning a Chevy, is all the new friends you'll make in their service department, had a new 95' S15 GMC truck for a couple of years and boy was it plagued with problems...
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