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2021 “Transmission Problem. See Manual” message

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Hey everyone. I’m on my 2nd Passport after my first was lemoned and I got this message back in the winter. Took it to the dealer and they said no codes were stored and thought it may have been a fluke issue. Fast forward to today. I put it in reverse to back out of a parking spot and when I push the accelerator, it rolls forward into the curb and displays the same message for a second. Every time it goes to neutral and I have to shift again. I noticed this seems to have been an issue in the 2019 model year? Did anyone have this issue and a fix? If so, what was the resolution?
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My 2019 Sport (Canada) has never shown this. It does sometimes hesitate when coming to quick stop and then I want to get going again. Sometimes, in these situations it seems to "hunt" for a gear. I think the computer and programming have it designed to follow a deceleration pattern and I mix it up when I ask it to change it's mind too quickly.

This does not seem to be what you are experiencing though.
Keep trying.
I've made, almost to the 3 year mark and am willing to cut my losses this Fall, with Honda.
New 2023 HR-V is said to be bigger and better than before and a 2.0 litre non-turbo motor. It may be calling me next year. Or possibly a 2023 Hybrid CR-V. Love the Passport, not the fuel usage at $1.90 a litre though.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts