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2020 Remote Start. Starts Once, Cannot Use Remote Start Immediately After First Cycle

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Vehicle covered with ice so I used the remote start to warm it up. At the end of the cycle, I tried to remote start a second time but it would not let me.
Is there an internal sensor that prohibits me starting the vehicle a second time in rapid concession? I would think I could use remote starting as often as I choose after a cycle has completed.
Any ideas?
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You can extend the start time from one 10 minute cycle to two 10 minute cycles by pressing remote start again while the first cycle is running. Once the engine shuts off, the remote start is inhibited for the length of time you ran remote start (10 or 20 minutes) before you can start another cycle.

This is just the way Honda chose for the feature to work, there is nothing you can do to change it unless you install aftermarket remote start. Most likely they were considering heat, exhaust, fuel, security or some other issue that makes running an unattended car for longer than 20 minutes a bad idea.

Note, if you open either front door the inhibit timer is canceled and you can immediately do another remote start. Honda basically doesn't want you to leave the car running unattended longer than 20 minutes.
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