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2019 Touring Factory Wheels/All Season Tire Noise?

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I've been trying to isolate the cause of interior road noise on the passenger side (none on driver's side) which developed shortly after purchase and at 1,500 miles. Honda Corp was of no help in trying to resolve this issue. Note: I've previously posted about this problem and received many replies with different suggestions to check body components. A very reputable auto body shop has investigated and verified it seems ALL body components are proper (windshield, door glass and channels, door alignment and weather strips, and interior panels removed for inspection, front and rear wheels rotated with no improvement in sound level). The noise seems prominent in the area of the "B" column (center post) at the passenger front door above 25 mph, which requires increasing the sound of the radio! Thus, I'm now wondering if the stock wheels and tires could be the "culprit".

Searching the internet has brought about some information that I'm hoping others might have some knowledge and experience and can verify. The Touring (and Elite) model is fitted with a wider tire in comparison with the Sport and EX-L which is already known. However, this supposedly resulted with the inner side of the factory wheels being fitted with a plastic resonator which is to balance sound caused by the tires. And, I've read mention of a "foam" type material on the inside some of the Continental tires to reduce noise. Another article implied the Engineers at Honda and Continental are at fault for not pairing the wheels and tires for ultimate performance and appearances.

It's been suggested to replace the factory all season Continental tires with Michelin tires (I'm wanting a quiet ride). I prefer to keep the factory 20" pewter gray wheels. I read so many posts here on PP Forums of owners changing to smaller wheel size and tire sizes but really don't want to go that route because I don't see it helping resolve road noise.

I'd appreciate if any of you have knowledge about the wheel resonators, foam inside the tires, or any experience with interior noise and was able to resolve. This is specific to the Touring model. (I'm aware the Elite owners have experienced noise with the ventilated seats which was contributed to the blower speed, the Touring does not have ventilated seats).

Also, I've read posts on PP Forums by other owners that have interior noise (different models), and at different locations than mine (driver side versus passenger side, front and/or rear door areas) but haven't noticed any follow-up as to whether their issue was resolved.

I purchased in August 2019, and with being retired but mostly because of the restrictions with the pandemic, I currently only have 4,800 miles on the odometer as of March 2021! I'd like to finally resolve the issue of interior noise so that I can enjoy putting on some miles this year !
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