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First post woth some pics that might be helpful to some. I recently purchased a 2019 Passport Sport with 5500 miles on it. I need to put a trailer hitch on it to haul my mountain bike around. I tried to just remove the valance and leave the cover on but I just didn’t trust myself to remove the blind clips. Therefore I removed the whole bumper cover. It wasn’t that hard but it was tricky and I want to share some pictures of where all the clips are as a reference for anyone who also wants to go this route.

I followed the College Hills Honda instructions and they were good but it can be tricky to find hidden clips.

Here it is with the full cover removed

Back of the cover with the new valance installed.

Close up of the four screw clips holding the valance to the bumper cover.

That upper screw is one of the tough ones to reach up inside.

Clips along the wheel well trim. There are two types. These pop out with a little coaxing by hand. Watch for the small square foam washers as the fall off easily.

Blue clips near the top of the arch.

Two yellow clips aft. All pop out and in pretty easily by hand.

Close up of the aft yellow clips on the opposite side. Also shown is a screw on the bumper cover that also needs to be removed.

There’s not much room to remove the trim screws in the aft wheel well so a Phillips bit for a impact driver and a crescent wrench fit well.

There are 7 tabs where the cover meets the body. Tape here is a good idea. Pulling down towards the gound on the bumper cover will let you see the tabs and where to release. Definitely use a tool or butter knife here to release the tabs. Just pulling the cover off will break the slots. Tabs are along between the white fittings and use the tape as suggested in instructions to not mar the paint.

Continued in pt 2 post
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