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Are you asking us if we think it's worth the trade
OR are you telling us you believe it's worth the trade?

I traded my 16 V for the 19 PP, I wanted the extra room; I'm happy with the new car.

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I own a 2017 crv and test drove a 2019 passport is really worth trading for?
Perhaps it depends on why you test drove a Passport?

Is there something(s) in particular that you dislike in your CR-V, or wish was different?

If you are interested in larger, more spacious vehicle, advantage Passport.
Tow a trailer, even a utility trailer, advantage Passport.
Interested in some off-roading, advantage Passport.
Live in northern states with more snow or icy conditions, advantage Passport.
Dislike CVT transmission, advantage Passport.
Cargo capacity with seats up or seats down, advantage Passport.
Hidden storage under cargo floor, advantage Passport.

Fuel consumption and mpg, advantage CR-V.
Interested in hybrid, advantage CR-V
Lower liftover height for cargo in back, advantage CR-V
Maneuverability in traffic, advantage CR-V
Panoramic sunroof, advantage CR-V
Purchase price, advantage CR-V

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My wife has a 2016 CRV; nice car but I’m not a fan of the transmission and it’s just a bit too compact for my body frame. She loves it and I’m happy for her. We always take my vehicle on trips though - more comfortable ride, seats, and cargo room. It’s also much more quiet. The entertainment system rocks too! Plus, I have navigation and apply car play.
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