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2019 Passport Engine shuts Off While moving

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This is my first Passport. 2019 and 35 miles on it when I purchased it. I have had it for 5 months with 5500 miles. 2 days ago while I was driving in traffic, my truck turns off. I first thought it was the Idle Stop but I hadn't stopped. Engine light started flashing. Warning lights started scrolling on message screen. Couldn't restart engine and couldn't get it to turn off. Sat in traffic getting cussed out for 2-3 mins and then engine just shuts off. I was able to start car after that. Very scary situation. Taking to dealer first thing Monday morning.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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I had the flashing engine light come on after 90 minutes of highway driving, as I was getting off the exit. The engine did not turn off, but it ran very rough as I drove to my appointment. After my appointment was over (about 2 hours) I came out and everything was fine. Took it to dealer because I was freaking out and pissed off (2019 with less than 4000 miles) and the only thing the codes showed was a misfire. No explanation or recommendation. And THEN they wanted to charge me a $130 diagnostic fee, since they technically didn't find anything wrong. Fortunately, they decided to waive that...
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