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The 2019 Passport earned a Top Safety Pick and "superior" rating it's Collision Mitigation Braking System (part of the Honda Sensing package)! (y)

2019 Honda Passport Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick Rating

September 24, 2019 — TORRANCE, Calif.
  • Honda Sensing® Collision Mitigation Braking System™ rated Superior
  • Eighth 2019 Honda model to receive TSP or higher
TORRANCE, Calif. – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded the 2019 Honda Passport a TOP SAFETY PICK (TSP) rating1. The Passport also earned a "Superior" rating for its Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), part of the Honda Sensing® suite of driver assistive and safety technologies.
Passport comes with Honda Sensing® standard on all trims. In addition to CMBS™, Honda Sensing® includes Forward Collision Warning; Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) incorporating Lane Departure Warning (LDW); Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS); and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
The 2019 Passport is the eighth Honda model to receive a top safety rating from the IIHS. The 2019 Honda Accord, CR-V, HR-V, Pilot, Odyssey and Ridgeline all received TSP, while Insight earned TOP SAFETY PICK+. Separately, every Honda model that has been fully evaluated in the NHTSA's 2019 model year NCAP testing, including the 2019 Passport, has received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score2.
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About Honda
Honda offers a full line of reliable, fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles with advanced safety technologies sold through over 1,000 independent U.S. Honda dealers. The Honda lineup includes the Fit, Civic, Insight, Accord and Clarity series passenger cars, along with the HR-V, CR-V, Passport and Pilot sport utility vehicles, the Ridgeline pickup and the Odyssey minivan.
Honda has been producing automobiles in America for more than 35 years and currently operates 19 major manufacturing facilities in North America. In 2018, more than 90 percent of all Honda brand vehicles sold in the U.S. were made in North America, using domestic and globally sourced parts.

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Honda Sensing® Collision Mitigation Braking System™ rated Superior

Superior? Except when it doesn't work correctly - and on my 2019 EX-L that's most of the time!
And I know I'm not the only one out there who has false collision warnings - I've seen lots of posts here too.

I've had ours in twice now to try and figured out why all the false signals, false "BRAKE! BRAKE!" B.S. and I absolutely hate that! The dealership spent more than a couple hours trying to duplicate the problem and gave up. No problem found.
We have a bit over 8000 miles on our 2019 so far, having bought it in May of 2020. The false warning first showed itself on the way home. Since then, every time I drive it that warning pops up, brakes the car to the point my wife is afraid to drive it. We get a false collision warning about every 40-50 miles.
I know it can be disabled but as a piece of safety equipment, perhaps it should work as designed?
Hey Honda! Are you listening??

On a trip out west in July we drove a bit over 5000 miles and I think a conservative estimate as to how many false signals I had would be over a hundred? Honestly, every time we drive it we get one or two false signals.
As for actual valid warnings, I have had two of those and as they occurred I was happy that the system had warned me!
Most of these are on two lanes with curves to the right and an oncoming car (seems like there's always a lot of chrome on the ones that set the warning off) but not in my lane, just passing by. I have had a few on straightaway pieces of road too, and even one where a vehicle went by me in the left lane on the interstate and as he was 25 yards in front, the warning went off.
Brake lights also activate during a warning, and I have had a couple drivers behind me pass and flip me off right after one of these warnings....they probably thought I was tapping my brakes to get them to back off?

So far in two attempts to get this fixed where I bought the car the Tech couldn't get the problem to rear it's ugly head and as a retired Electronics Tech myself I understand it's impossible to troubleshoot a problem that won't show up and be diagnosed. But I've also been a mechanic all my life and I know there are ways to monitor those signals, the ones that control that warning are the camera in the windshield and a radar in the front "H" Emblem? The ECM captures error signals and stores codes. That could monitor these warnings too, that function just would need to be programmed in and diagnosing this would be easy, causes would be logged and stored for the Tech as other error codes are handled. But the latest recall was for replacing a module with too little memory so not sure if enough is present now to facilitate extra data collection for this or not?
So I called Honda USA and spoke with a customer service rep. She said to take it back and have the radar and front camera checked for proper calibration as "Maybe they were pointed a bit too far left"?
So I added that to the list again last week when I brought it in for the latest recall and after four hours, they said it was operating "as designed" and that they had checked the camera and radar aiming and both were spot-on perfect.
And then I had another collision warning on the way home from the dealer, not three miles out!

Now a couple things here about safety.
We have ice in's cold here about 8 months out of a year.
When you hit the brakes on ice, you can lose control.
When the brakes are hit automatically without expectation by the driver, the chances of losing control rise quickly.
I know I can disable this warning system with a button, BUT being 62 now, I occasionally forget things and I fear this warning will eventually put me in the ditch, or worse. And I paid for this system and it should work as designed,
This problem has a very high degree of "Pucker factor" and I do not care for that feeling, especially when it is not in my control.

Hopefully the next time I bring it in they can continue trying to locate the problem and I have Honda USA working on it too.
Anyone else out there with the same problem, call Honda USA customer service and let them know.
That's how recalls get started. If nobody complains, then we all are stuck with it.

Honestly, I am not a whiner, but when I pay for something I want it to work as designed instead of scaring the crap out of us and putting me and my family at risk. I have owned seven Hondas, put over 250,000 miles on three of them and still have three in the garage now. All have been great cars and combined have caused me less problems than this single Passport, which I otherwise really love! Most Passports seem to operate just fine with this system, mine does not. I want it fixed.

Honda, are you listening?

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My Passport throws up the false brake warning a lot when I am on a two-lane road. It has only applied the brakes when I was using ACC, and the vehicle in front of me turned to the left or right, when I crossed the line to avoid a box in the road, and one time when a car in front of me hit their brakes hard.
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