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2019 EX-L Tire Wear Issues?

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I have a 2019 EX-L at just about 33k miles.

It has developed a shaky / lumpy feeling from the front end above 60 mph.

Not sure if it’s the tires but I noticed the tread seems kinda low. These tires are warrantied for 65k or 70k miles.

Has anyone had an experience with premature tread wear on the Continental CrossContact LX Sport 245/50R/20s?
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The tires that come on cars from the factory are built to different specifications than the same name and model tire you purchase at the tire store with the mileage guarantees. This has been going on for years. I've not yet had this happen on our honda as I only have about 4k miles on it at this point, but on every new BMW I've had and even Jeep, 15-20k mile tires are what the factories put on them. If you replace them with the exact same brand / model tires from say discount tire or another tire will get the milage out of them. Honda is doing exactly what every car company out there is doing.
Can you cite any verifiable reference for this claim?
Absolutely, On BMW vehicles, the tires come with a BMW mark. Mercedes Benz the models come with a star on them. These are tires built to manufacture specs. The will last much less than if you purchase the tires of the same name or model by the same make, often Continental. On Jeeps they use BF Goodrich, The jeep dealer confirmed it when I needed new tires at 15k miles and said it was noted on a code on the tire. Sure enough, replaced them with exact same tires and got 50k on the replacements and still going. Since Honda came with Contintentals, I've not had to check into this yet but I would safely assume, they are contract tires and not retail tires. It's apparently a thing thats been going on for years. Some dealer service managers will take the time to explain it, most do not. Since an enormous amount of people lease cars for no more than 3 years, this typically goes unnoticed but take a look an off lease car...99% of the time they have less than 36k miles and brand new tires.
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