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2019 EX-L Tire Wear Issues?

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I have a 2019 EX-L at just about 33k miles.

It has developed a shaky / lumpy feeling from the front end above 60 mph.

Not sure if it’s the tires but I noticed the tread seems kinda low. These tires are warrantied for 65k or 70k miles.

Has anyone had an experience with premature tread wear on the Continental CrossContact LX Sport 245/50R/20s?
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Measure the thinnest thread depth, excluding the oem wear indicators.
Tires get louder as they wear down and they displace less water.

The Passport 20" tires are about $340 ea plus installation.
When it's time to replace them you can switch to 17" Pilot rims from 2009 thru 2015 and get a set of Goodyear WeatherReady 235/65/17 tires, for about $209 ea plus installation.
Or get some 18" rims from a MDX from 2007 thru 2013, with the WeatherReady 245/60/18 tires, for about 240 + install.

These WeatherReady tires have Evolving Traction® Grooves, which transition from deep grooves to wide grooves to help displace water on the road and keep noise down as they wear down.
Bridgestone used this technology in the 80s and 90s and had really quite tires. I don't know which Bridgestone tires are using this tech anymore.
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