Original issue 2019 black wheels (8.5"x 20") mounted with Cooper Discovery AT3s in 265/50/20 XL rubber. Rims have a couple spots of curbing and the tires probable have a good 10-15K left before the wear indicators tell you to replace (see pics). Really have enjoyed this setup and only selling because of some new 18" rims. A touch larger than the OE tires, these have a very slight rub when in reverse and at full lock. About +2mph variance to speedo at 70 MPH. Includes TPMS. No shipping, will drive 30 miles from Portland to drop them off if helpful.
Tire Automotive tire Light Synthetic rubber Tread

Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Light Tread

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Locking hubs

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Locking hubs Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Locking hubs