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20” Elite Black wheels with tires - Chico, Calif.

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Finally got my Black Rhinos and now it’s time to sell my takeoffs.

$650 - 20” Black wheels without TPMS, includes black lugnuts and locks. Tires have approximately 5000 miles on them and well taken care of. One wheel that is highlighted has a slight scuff.

I’m in Northern California - Chico. Pick up preferred.
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Hey guys - I want to sell the whole package together, so you can go ahead and buy the set stevenD has available. Thanks for the interest!
Price reduction! $800 for the whole set all info in initial post.
What a hard bargain! $650 for the set
Good to know. I’m hoping to offload them soon.
No, I think that'll leave me stuck with 3 and so I'll keep pushing the whole set. Thanks for checking.
Oh dang. I didn’t realize I didn’t remove the ad. I already sold them. Thanks for asking
1 - 7 of 15 Posts