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2 Week Checkpoint

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Hey all! Checking in with y'all on my Passport EX-L experience. So far, I feel like I've made the right choice for myself. It's been money well spent. As the new car smell wares off, I'm becoming more acquainted, I'm able to give more a synopsis.

I went with the Passport over the Pilot because I wanted something big enough for the kids and I but I also didn't want to look like I was driving a mini-van. I debated between whether or not I wanted the 3rd row but I can't think of a time when I would have that many people in my car at one time (most of the time, I'm driving alone). I did like the 20's versus the 18 in wheels and height of it definitely makes it a presence on the road. I also felt the Passport had a bit more pep than it's older sister (or brother depending on your preference :) ). Lastly, I see Pilots EVERYWHERE! I've only seen 3 Passports on the road, so in many ways it gets attention because it stands alone. No where nearly as rugged as a Wrangler or 4-Runner, but I do like the feel of a family car when it needs to be and edgy car when it wants to be.

It drives amazing! When I'm on the highway, I feel like I'm flying. I notice a slight lag when I put my foot on the gas, especially when I put it in reverse, but as long as I'm not in any drag races, I think I can let that go! I did see in one of the postings about the "clunk", as annoying as it can be, it put my mind as ease that it seems to be a Honda issue rather then strictly a Passport. I also read how to eliminate the clunk which seems to work most of the time. After the lag, she really files! For a car of that size, I feel it's relatively limber; it doesn't feel like I'm driving a bus. Of course, it turns a bit wide but that's to be expected. I was concerned about having a car of that size in the city (I live in NYC), but so far it hasn't been an issue (expect I can't parallel park in as many spots as I could with my old car). I've gotten used to the e-shift system, I thought I would struggle at first but so far it's been fine. I haven't been able to use the S mode yet because of the stop and go traffic but I did have a little taste and was pleasantly surprised. This is not a high performance car of course, but for an everyday vehicle, I was happy with the pick up.

The black interior is okay. It doesn't have a whole lot of character and it's a bit drab but overall I don't think it's bad. My father suggested leather because it's easier to clean (I have 3 kids) and for the price range, I'm not disappointed. The size is perfect for us (I'm 6'2 and my kids will more than likely be tall) so in a few years they will still be able to fit comfortably. Two of three kids are pre-teens so nothing excites them of course but they were really impressed with the space. Aside from one time when it rebooted, I haven't had any infotainment issues (knocks on wood). Reading some of the stories did give me some anxiety but since it's technology, I'm sure there will be a couple glitches. It does get buggy at times and the reaction time is slow. But it's an attractive screen display and the 8 inches doesn't overtake the dash. A lot of people were complaining about the audio system but to be honest, for stock and for a non luxury car, I can't complain. I haven't bought a new car since 2008 and my last car didn't have 7 speakers and a subwoofer standard. I'm happy with the bass but I wish the volume would get a little louder. I'm still trying to play with the EQ to get the preferred sound (at times the sound gets distorted). XM Radio sometimes cuts in and out but I imagine that would depend on where I'm driving.

The gas mileage is a nightmare; I'll be spending a pretty penny on fuel, especially since most of my driving is stop and go, so I'm not in love with that. I wish the car had rear sensors but I understand I can add that myself. The walk away lock feature took some getting used to but I think I got it down now.

I plan to add roof rails to give it more of an edge and some other goodies down the line. All-in-all, for a high $30's vehicle, I'm satisfied. Definitely a lot more pros then cons. Check in with y'all next month! Hope you all are having a great summer!
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Thank you for the update and information. I’m glad you are enjoying your Passport. We will be waiting for your next update!
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