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17 inch tires on.

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I finally decided which route to go. Thanks to all of you who have posted up your pics and info.

I wanted to go with 17" wheels and tires for several reasons. More sidewall, added tire and wheel protection, softer ride, more airing down options, much less expensive tires, less rotating mass, broader tire selections and last but not least, looks.
I'm old, I've witnessed the big wheel craze for many years now, and still have not warmed up to it. I'd only go larger if I put bigger brakes on it and needed the room.

I wanted a 7" wide wheel but could not find one.
I went with older Pilot wheels, (thanks for the correction 14v6 ) I really wanted wheels with a 64.1mm hub size. That pretty much limited me to Honda wheels. I'm glad I stuck to my guns.
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The spare. I'll mess with stowing it on my days off.
My first choice would be to put it where the donut is. Out of sight, weather and easy to get to. Unloading my junk to get to my spare is the least of my concerns. I know a 10" wide tire won't fit down there without raising the cargo platform.
I hate the idea of losing head room and storage space back there, so it may not prove to be a workable option for me.

A roof basket?? My last two vehicles were a Jeep Wrangler and an FJ Cruiser. The wind breaking over those steep windshields and the roof rack was very noisey. They were about as aerodynamic as my shed.
I'm tying to keep this thing as aerodynamic, good on gas, and as quiet as possible. So the roof option does not appeal to me at all.

I'm thinking about building a hitch mounted tire carrier. I would prolly only use it when I leave town. Problems with this idea are blocking the back up camera and blocking the license plate.
I have a hitch mounted swing out carrier being made now. Will post pics when it arrives.
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Got it done today. Details in my build thread.

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This thing is super easy to slide in and take out.
Obviously we will just slip it in when we go on an off road adventure or out of town.

I'll sleep better tonight! I love having a full sized spare.
You’re a handy person!
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Thanks. When are you getting yours? I'm looking forward to seeing it.
This month. Ordered it from Rigid Armor.
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