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  1. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    I basically have a stock "21 EX-L. I remember being interested in some racks, tires, and wheels but haven't looked at what to get in months. Are there any good upgrade deals to be on the look out for?
  2. Wheel And Tires
    I saw and liked how REALM mounted a full-size spare tire vertically in his cargo area (post 5). Cilles and a few others also discussed this topic. I really wanted to have a full size matching spare, because well, that’s normal. The craziness of donut tires must stop! I’ve had enough flats...
  3. For Sale
    For sale set of 20" 2022 Passport Elite OEM stock wheels & tires. 265/45 R20 104H OEM Continental Tire Tread readings are at 9.75/32 to 10.25/32. Driven for less than 3,000 miles. These are from my Passport Elite which I bought from the dealer this July 2022. Please note that 1 tire has curb...
    $500 USD
  4. For Sale
    My dealer upgraded the wheels to black ones on my new 2020 Passport EX-L and I want to sell the set of 4 takeoff 20-inch Split-Spoke Pewter Grey Alloy Wheels. Rims only, brand new in boxes, and in excellent condition. $550 USD (plus shipping if not picking up locally). Located in the...
    $550 USD
  5. For Sale
    Complete set of take off wheels with tpms sensors. Less than 50 miles on them.
    $550 USD
  6. For Sale
    I’m selling 4 black Passport Elite wheels w/ center caps, lugs & wheel locks. Wheels are in great shape - they have a couple of scratches from when they were taken off @20k miles, but nothing major. TPMS are not included. Please let me know if there are any question!
    $300 USD
  7. 2019+ Honda Passport News
    Has anyone purchased these wheels. I’m conflicted about the gray. Is it charcoal or silver or just non metallic grey? Any help would be appreciated. I’m looking at the 18 inch I believe they are called Grenade.
  8. For Sale
    This Item is New Never Used/Open Box still in original plastic. Brought 2 sets on accident. MGP - 20203SHOHRD Set of 4: Red finish, Silver Honda Set of 4 caliper covers, Engraved Front and Rear: Honda, Red powder coat finish, silver characters. MGP Caliper Covers are a car accessory designed and...
    $150 USD
  9. For Sale
    2019 Passport Elite 20” wheels / rims set of 4. Includes center cap and TPMS sensors. Wheels / Tires have approximately 67,000 miles. See photos for curb rash. Narrow streets / old busted curbs in my neighborhood were whicked for me on 20’s. Never again. Tread wear varies per tire. Use tires...
    $120 USD
  10. Wheel And Tires
    I installed black 18” Ridgeline wheels and snow tires on my 2020 Passport this past winter. I’m thinking of removing the snows from those rims and installing one of the following on the rims for summer use: size 245/60-18. Continental Contact A/T, Continental Contact H/T, or Michelin...
  11. For Sale
    Five lightly used Black Rhino Overland 18" wheels with Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 265/60R18 tires. Wheels have a few scrapes that I touched up. Tires have 5,600 miles of even wear and are in great shape. Tires are mounted on wheels, balanced, with TPMS sensors. Just put them on your current gen...
    $1,500 USD
  12. For Sale
    Hello, friends. Selling FIVE (5) OEM Elite 265/45R20 wheels with the OEM tires. TPMS sensors are included/installed (on all 5). Bought the 5th on eBay so we’d have a full-size spare for long road trips and/or remote backcountry adventures. We’ve decided to go to 17” or 18” rims. Less than...
  13. For Sale
    Have to part with my Passport (long story), and have to sell my wheel/tire setup. They have 7k miles on them, and are in excellent condition. Super cool look (I think) - wheel color is more bronze-ish than gold. Sorry I didn't wash it before took the pics! Does not include lugs or TPMS (need to...
  14. For Sale
    I was able to change the wheels on my 2019 Passport Elite and I'm looking to sell the OEM set of wheels, tires, and silver lug nuts and lock. These are OEM with about 19K miles when they came off the vehicle. I'm asking $975 USD for pickup in Los Angeles, CA. Local pickup is preferred but I'm...
  15. For Sale
    Replaced the OEM wheels on my Elite with 18" wheels. The stock tires have about 6,000 miles on them. Two wheels have minor curb rash. Asking $800. Olympia Washington area.
  16. Wheel And Tires
    Hey folks, Bought my 2019 Passport EX-L a few weeks ago and mounted new wheels and tires on it within the first week of ownership. I'm looking to sell my complete set of brand new 20" dark gray wheels that came on the car originally. Photos attached. Located in Fort Wayne, IN. Willing to...
1-17 of 17 Results