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  1. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    In and out of the dealer clunking and banging. Each time the dealer tells me that they can’t duplicate the concern. Recently 2x transmission system problem appeared on the dash, Service changed the trans fluid told me to keep driving it till a code stores getting fed up 1600 miles and have the...
  2. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hey! Having issues with this new passport got 1100 miles on it been to the dealer 3x+. Dealer can’t duplicate issue. The car when letting off the gas between 25-35 makes a loud clunk . The car also when cruising on the highway I have to press my foot all the way down to get it to pick up speed...
  3. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I now have 27k miles on my 2019 Passport Elite and I have had this surging issue for about 7k miles. I started thinking about the timing and I never had the problem until the required rear differential fluid change. Coincidence? Anyone else notice this?
  4. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Today I was backing into my driveway, that has a steep slope, then levels-off. There’s a little ramp up, then the sidewalk, then a steep slope to the driveway. I was going slowly because it’s a shared driveway and the neighbor’s car was in their half. When I stopped at the sidewalk, then...
  5. Honda Passport Parts And Accessories
    I just purchased a 2020 Passport Touring AWD, and I'm searching to learn if anybody has experience towing through mountain passes with the Passport. My family has a tent trailer (GVWR @ 2,151 lbs fully loaded) we frequently take to Glacier National Park, or Yosemite National Park...basically...
  6. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hello, I have a service appointment tomorrow afternoon, but I’m curious if anyone has had the problem I just started having on my 2019 PP with 6K miles. I use drive mode (D not S) and when I accelerate the engine continues to rev after I’ve eased off the gas and when I take my foot off the gas...
1-6 of 6 Results