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  1. For Sale
    Looking to purchase a single OEM TRAILSPORT wheel and tire to use as a full sized spare for camping/off-road trails with my 22 Passport Trailsport. Located in San Diego
  2. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    I am having trouble finding quality front seat covers for my 2022 Trailsport. I am looking for neoprene (not leather or faux leather or cheap thin material). My seats have the arm rest but when I look at all the typical seat cover websites the dont show the covers on seats with arm rest...
  3. Honda Passport Pictures
    Just got my 22 Trailsport. Traded my 16 BMW 5 series MSport Used to also have a 13 Pilot that I put 250k miles on for work so I knew Honda was dependable. Wife has 21 Passport Elite which has the larger wheels and more bells and whistles but honestly, I hate those additional features (adaptive...
  4. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Found this “trailsport” article that Honda has filed for. Looks like a potential rugged version of Honda products including the Passport could be on the horizon.
1-4 of 4 Results