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  1. Audio And Stereo
    So after a little over a year of owning my Passport, I decided that even the premium audio system was not up to my music snob standards. Last summer I tried to find a compromise that didn’t involve all the work of installing a new amp, so I upgraded the front speakers to Focals and replaced the...
  2. Audio And Stereo
    I was wondering if anyone had a diagram of the subwoofer enclosure on a 2020 passport. I was trying to take it apart to switch the sub and cannot get the thing apart. I took off the left nut and right screw but obviously I am missing something just don't know where. Thanks!
  3. Audio And Stereo
    I would like to see a schematic that shows the 540W 10 speaker premium sound system and the wiring for the touring/elite models. My goal is to borrow and steal from the touring to improve the sound in the EX-L. The head unit should be the same, minus the factory nav. The big ticket item that...
1-3 of 3 Results