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    Hi there, Any other fly fishers in the group? I just had my Thule cross bars installed on my 2021 Elite and looking to get a fly rod holder. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone rigged an interior rod set up? Thanks!
  2. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Good Afternoon- Like so many others, I'm hoping to road trip a bit this summer with my wife, toddler and new born. We've got a hand-me-down B.O.B. double stroller (new born will be old/big enough to use it by the time we go anywhere) and it takes up A LOT of space in the trunk, leaving little...
  3. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. They officially not supporting Passport although people are mounting these platforms on multiple different rigs. Would be neat to hear that I can get Pioneer and somehow attach it to the OEM roof rack without issues...
  4. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have a question related to the factory roof rack cross bars and possibilities to mount on it some Overlanding stuff. I'm looking to get a Tepui Low-Pro 3 rooftop tent [Tepui Low-Pro] and some awning. Is it possible to mount both just on the OEM roof rack or maybe I need to get a roof...
1-4 of 4 Results