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  1. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I'll soon get a new 2023 Passport and can't find anything about this in the user manual so I guess it's not possible but I wanted confirmation. In our Subaru Impreza, the remote starter can also be used to tell the car to keep running even if we exit and lock the doors. I live in Canada so...
  2. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Hello! Bought a 2020 EX-L a few months ago and loving it! I am looking for some advice about remote start. Has anyone added aftermarket remote start to their passport? I would like to add something with a longer range and remote start confirmation. Potentially through phone app? Although I...
  3. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone seen yet if the Passport will support remote starting via the phone app? The Touring and Elite supposedly have the Hondalink cellular connection hardware. The 2018-19 Odyssey and Accord support remote unlock, lock, and remote start. The 2019 Pilot only supports unlock and lock but...
1-3 of 3 Results