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  1. Electronics
    I have been using the HondaLink App and subscribed to the remote services. My wife has a 2020 Odyssey and from the app I can start her car. I do not see the option of remote start from the HondaLink App for my new Passport Elite. What am I missing, is remote start not an option for the...
  2. Honda Passport Dealers, Prices And Orders
    After months of lurking, I may finally own a Passport! Received an email on an Elite for "sales" price of $37990. I assume it is without TTL. I thought it was pretty good, but noticed on another thread that 2019's are all being deeply discounted nowadays. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
  3. Honda Passport Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Here's my new ride. Traded the '15 CRV Touring for the Passport Elite. Wasn't planning to get black. But the dealer had this demo with the urban package A and all season mats for a deal. I like the contrast of the black and the Honda machined finish wheels. The welcome lights are a pretty cool...
  4. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Aloha all, I'm a brand-new owner of a Passport Elite, and I'm still getting used to all the bells and whistles it has, especially compared to the 2014 Rogue I traded in for. One thing on the Rogue that I didn't realize I'd gotten so used to was having a clock on what Honda calls the Driver...
  5. Our New Passport Elite

    Our New Passport Elite