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  1. New 2019 Passport Elite platinum white

    New Member Introductions
    Picked up my new Elite last night. Build is October 2019. Looking forward to learning all the electronics and deciding on customization this weekend.
  2. To Buy Or Not To Buy

    2019+ Honda Passport Reviews
    Hello - I am a Honda fan from a Honda family. I have a 2013 Pilot that I love but am considering trading in for a newer car. Our Honda’s have been good to us over the years and without giving it much thought initially I started with the 2019 Pilot’s and then found the Passport. I don’t need a...
  3. New Owner - Obsidian Blue Touring AWD

    New Member Introductions
    I just received my Passport this weekend and can not be happier. Thanks to all the forum postings for the great advice. Splash guards, running board with lights, towing package, interior illumination and the tailgate welcome lights to be installed next week. I ordered the cargo cover today...