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  1. What Did You Do To Your Honda Passport Today?
    Just wanted to share what I've done so far! Y'all might know me as the dude who made the "window tint helps auto brights" post, and I promise I wasn't sober when I made that post. Anyways: Started out getting rain guards, the OEM hitch + transmission cooler installed, and the black badges...
  2. Classic Passport 1993 - 2002
    Helo I'm jeff. I have joined the pp forum because 1 passports are my favorite suv. And 2.... I have owned 2 of these now. The first one was a toy and a work vehicle. I run a wrecker service and when the locals would take a ride down to the local 4 wheeling spot and get stuck they would call me...
1-2 of 2 Results