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  1. For Sale JSport Lift Kit

    For Sale
    Selling the JSPORT Lift Kit for 2019-2022 Passport. Kit is still in the box and never been used. I will pay for shipping anywhere in continental US.
    $400 USD
  2. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    I was curious how many of you have actually lifted your PP and how happy you are with it? I am looking at one of the 1.5” lifts, most likely JSport. Then I’ll eventually go up a tire size and switch to an all terrain. Was it worth the cost and effort? Do you get a noticeably different look?
  3. Brakes And Suspension
    Just curious if anyone has done this on their Passport? I live up in Colorado high country and found this more appealing than lifting my 2021 EX-L. Not even sure this is possible. Not trying to do any serious offroading, but there are some pretty uneven roads to trailheads I'd like to get over...
  4. Wheel And Tires
    I ordered a 2" lift/leveling kit and am wondering what the biggest all terrain tire i could Put on the standard 20" wheels without having to trim or cut anything. Thanks in advance!
1-4 of 4 Results