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  1. Audio And Stereo
    So after a little over a year of owning my Passport, I decided that even the premium audio system was not up to my music snob standards. Last summer I tried to find a compromise that didn’t involve all the work of installing a new amp, so I upgraded the front speakers to Focals and replaced the...
  2. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I have a 2019 PP bought in March of 2019. Since the beginning, I have experienced issues with the infotainment system. My phone does not stay connected. I have had the car to 2 different dealers multiple times. They keep saying no one else has this problem, we can't reproduce it, it must be...
  3. Electronics
    Hi, I bought the passport sport 2019 with the basic dated infotainment. I was thinking about buying a pilot infotainment on ebay but im not sure if ill have issues with compatibility. does anyone knows about it? Ty
  4. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I would just like some general feedback and information on what to do about this situation. My pregnant wife and I recently purchased a 2019 Honda Passport. The first thing we did was take it on vacation to Destin FL. It was a dream and the trip was amazing due to the comfort and safety of the...
1-4 of 4 Results