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  1. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Found this “trailsport” article that Honda has filed for. Looks like a potential rugged version of Honda products including the Passport could be on the horizon.
  2. Smokey Wink

    The Smokey wink ;)
  3. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Hi I am considering leasing a passport as my lease is about to expires but I do not wanna make a move contacting the dealer yet to do COVID-19 and do not wanna make the trek to the dealership unless the passport is truly the one. My question is looking at photos of the interior I noticed that...
  4. Wheel And Tires
    Hey folks, Bought my 2019 Passport EX-L a few weeks ago and mounted new wheels and tires on it within the first week of ownership. I'm looking to sell my complete set of brand new 20" dark gray wheels that came on the car originally. Photos attached. Located in Fort Wayne, IN. Willing to...
1-4 of 5 Results