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  1. Electronics
    I recently curbed my wheels while trying to squeeze by in a hotel loading zone. The curb was a bit high and the valet kept waving me through. It resurfaced my desire for a 360 degree birdseye camera system, like some I have used in rentals in the past. I can’t believe the Passport Touring...
  2. Honda Passport Parts And Accessories
    I have yet to buy a dash cam, and since my wife and I just got our first new vehicle ever, we'd like to get one that fits well with the Passport, preferably with minimal or hidden wires. A 6-year-old child was inadvertently killed around here because of some supposed road rage. A dash cam...
  3. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know why the Passport shakes the steering wheel and brake sometimes when there is oncoming traffic? This seems to happen when other vechicles are approaching quickly on single lane roads. The camera system triggers it for no reason from time to time. Does anyone know how to turn...
1-3 of 3 Results