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  1. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    I am a VERY new PP owner (3 days in) and started immediately ordering the accessories I wanted. A couple of ways to save some money on accesories: 1) Are you a COSTCO Member? Apparently COSTCO members get 15% discount up to a certain total savings on accessories from participating dealers...
  2. Classic Passport 1993 - 2002
    Helo I'm jeff. I have joined the pp forum because 1 passports are my favorite suv. And 2.... I have owned 2 of these now. The first one was a toy and a work vehicle. I run a wrecker service and when the locals would take a ride down to the local 4 wheeling spot and get stuck they would call me...
  3. Honda Passport Parts And Accessories
    For black Passport owners - what have you added to the exterior that looks great? I’d like to add something else. Exterior: Red calipers Splash guards All terrain tires Front leveling kit / lift Ceramic coating Limo tint in back, dark as legal on front Added running boards and removed -...
1-3 of 3 Results