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  1. Hitches & Towing
    I just got a 2021 Elite. It’s been hard to find consistent information on the towing capacity. Some sites say 3500lbs and some say 5000lbs. What is the towing capacity on the Elite? Does it come with the ATF Cooler standard?
  2. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I have a 2021 Touring Passport. The A/C has done various things. First, the defrost came on full blast and wouldn’t go off no matter which button I pushed. Later that day it was fine. A few wks go by & a/c is blowing only warm air. Then it’s fine. Then when I give the car gas the air doesn’t...
  3. Honda Passport General Discussion Forum
    The dealership I bought the 2021 PP from charged an extra $989 for "Cash Price Accessories," and I remember the financial manager said it was for the mat and something else that I don't remember. I'm pretty sure I got screwed here, but I'm just wondering if the mat he was talking about comes...
  4. Smokey Wink

    The Smokey wink ;)
1-4 of 5 Results