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      Last November I switch my backup lights to LasFit and have been happy with them; much brighter than the stock incandescent. But, was still looking for something that would project out further. Came across Auxlight 7440 on Amazon and thought I give them a try because they had the projector lens on the end. Ordered them Saturday night and were in my mailbox this afternoon. So when I got home from work I changed them out before even entering the house knowing I could get it done in about a minute. Which I did but, had to laugh at myself when I laid down to remove the socket from the housing and totally forgot that the socket it attached through the bottom of the housing and not the back. Meaning that the "projector lens end" would be shinning at the top of the housing and not out the backup light lens! Good thing is they are brighter than the LasFits so I wasn't a waste of $14.00
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      Snagged a couple pretty good deals on Prime day!

      LED Reverse Lights (Paid $11.18)

      LED High Beams (Paid $16.50)

      The reverse lights are nice. Easily twice the brightness as stock with a nice color temp. The high beams are GREAT, though! I don't know if the pictures do it justice, but they've gotta be twice as bright as stock and the color temp matches the rest of the lighting. I'm extremely impressed, especially given the price. They're only $27 now, so they're still very affordable.


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