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      NOTE: For my next upgrade, I will be mounting Audison Thesis 1.5 II Violino Tweeters in that location, not behind the OEM grills though, they will be mounted with the Grills showing.
      Those are going to look Badass!

      I guess I'm still a bit confused, you have TWO sets of the APK 165 2-ohms? One is mounted in the front and the rears, you only mounted the woofers in the doors? Leaving the OEM Mids (or whatever they in the C Pillars? IF YES to all of that, I would go ahead and mount your second set of Tweeters in the rear.
      Yea, I'm compartmentalizing the entire project. My first step was only the rear door speakers. I used these. They claim to be an authorized Audison distributer.

      Next I installed the APK 165 2 Ohm component set you linked previously - in the front. For now, the original stock aft pillar mid range speakers are still installed, but their time is short lived.

      As far as an Amp, I would suggest looking at the Audison AP 8.9 (see link below) : 8 channels, 65wpc @ 2ohms, which will drive your speakers just fine!
      I'm thinking an amp for the subwoofer. Subwoofer/amp upgrade project down the road. Will be looking for Sub replacement speaker ( and most likely and amplifier to drive it ) recommendations then. I did look into the AP 8.9, wanted to upgrade but was leaning on keeping the system stock if I could pull it off.

      Oh perhaps I missed it, Did you sound deaden your doors? It makes a HUGE difference!
      Thanks. Not yet. Plan on it - Saw some factory sound deadening material on the floor panels near the subwoofer - so wanted to get a look inside the doors.
      Once the weather breaks around here in the Northeast and the ambient outside temps increase, I'll go back and treat the doors.
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      I used these. They claim to be an authorized Audison distributer.

      hey XBOX reading through the thread again. Wondering if these audisons on Amazon you linked included the crossovers with the two woofers? Pictures only show the 6.5 Speakers. Did the audisons require you to cut away the inner door panel plastic lip around the speaker? Thanks!!
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